September 21, 2023

When you browse the glossy pages of home magazines or scroll through stunning rooms on Instagram, one thing you’re bound to notice is that most homeowners are masterful at disguising their TVs. Because a television can be an eyesore and detract from the aesthetic of a room, it’s important to hide it when it’s not in use or at least make it look as unobtrusive as possible. Whether it’s hiding behind a wall of art or sliding into an entertainment center, these creative and stylish ways to hide tv’s will help you elevate your space.

1. Hiding a TV in Furniture

The most foolproof way to hide a tv is to add it to a large piece of furniture that becomes the focal point of the room when not in use. Using a buffet, secretary desk or other similar storage unit will give your home an instant upgrade and it’s also easy to install so the TV can be raised and hidden with the press of a button or switch. This is a bit more difficult to do than simply hanging some art over it but it’s also more eye-catching and unique.

2. Hide it in a Closet

Another common trick is to create a dedicated “hidden” closet just for the television. This will keep it out of sight while providing all the storage you need to tuck away other items, like clothing and extra electronics. The easiest way to do this is by adding sliding doors that can be opened when the TV is in use but closed when it’s not. You can even buy TV cabinets that lift up when in use but then disappear underneath the bed for a seamless look.

3. Frame it in Decor

If you don’t have the space or budget to hide a tv completely, then try using decor and art to frame it in rather than hiding it. A gallery wall of art or photos is an easy option that can really make the TV seem less obtrusive. A dark shade of paint is also a great choice for hiding your TV because it helps the black screen blend in with popular wall colors like light greys, blues and greens.

4. Behind a Mirror

Adding a two-way mirror to the back of your TV is a fantastic way to conceal it when not in use. This looks just like any other mirror when not in use but when you turn on the TV, it shows through to make it look more discreet. This is a great idea for smaller rooms or bathrooms where the space can be tighter and it’s especially clever when paired with a vanity.

5. Behind a Barn Door

If your TV is in a recessed area, adding barn doors to it can be a great way to make it more concealed. You can get them custom made to fit your recessed TV and then hang them so they cover the equipment when in use but open up to reveal it when you need to watch. hidden tv’s

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