October 3, 2023

For many people, buying an engagement ring can be intimidating. Not because of their lifelong commitment or because they’ve never done it before, but because we’ve all heard horror stories about engagement ring money. The basic old rule was three monthly payments. Well, depending on your salary, that could be a big number. Even if you don’t follow the old guidelines, it can still be expensive to get engaged… let alone get married! Fortunately, there are ways to reduce your engagement ring costs so that you can save money for the things that really matter. After all, if your fiancĂ© truly loves you, the price of the ring and its components shouldn’t really matter, right?

Of course, there are many ways to protect your engagement ring. You can choose less expensive jewelry, choose an engagement ring that allows for several smaller diamonds rather than one large diamond, or even choose synthetic or pseudo diamonds. What are we talking about in this last part? Well, if you can’t afford a real diamond, the best option for you might be to choose a Moissanite engagement rings Moissanite stone is a natural stone that resembles diamond in many ways, but is not very expensive. These stones are known for their brilliance and strength. Its chemical name is silicon carbide and it can give you many benefits for a fraction of the cost of diamonds. Although the color of the Moissanite stone is not as pure as diamond, it is almost a colorless stone. Its durability is shown by the fact that it is the second hardest stone, after diamond. Moissanite stones have more fire (i.e. lightning) and higher brilliance than diamonds. Although natural, the stone cannot be found in the world in its natural state, so it is made in the laboratory. Your jeweler should be able to purchase stones from one of these labs. Here are some things to consider when evaluating the four Cs (carat, color, clarity and cut) of the Moissanite stone. Color – The stone is almost colorless, but some may have a slight green or purple tinge under certain lights. The stones that shine around appear white and therefore the most popular for this stone. A fine cut usually shows a green/purple tone, but the larger the stone, the more vivid the nature of the stone.

Clarity – The clarity of Moissanite is like that of a diamond. You shouldn’t see any spots looking at the stone, but under the enhancement you can see the indentation from the natural process.

Carat – This refers only to the weight of the stone. Also, keep in mind that the bigger the stone, the more it will show its color.

Cut – The cut of Moissanite is very important, as the same thing does not apply to diamonds. If you were to cut a Moissanite the same way you would cut a diamond, it would not look brilliant. Get a brochure from the lab/jeweler if possible to see what their recommendations are for cuts. Adam Rubin is the founder and owner of TopStyle Diamonds, a local Georgia jewelry store with 2 sites specializing in gold sales, custom jewelry design, and jewelry repair.

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