December 5, 2023

Custom golf club fitting can make a big difference to your game. Do you sometimes wish that your clubs are a couple of inches longer or shorter so that you can squarely impact the ball? That’s where club fitting comes in. A lot of sports stores that market golf clubs offer a custom fitting, as well as many websites that sell golf equipment can give you the proper measurements that are most suitable for you. Read on to learn more information as to what is involved in getting your very own set of compatible golf clubs.

1. Required information

On your custom golf club fitting session, you will be asked for some necessary measurements to help customize your clubs. Information such as your height (with only your socks on), gender, the measurement from your wrist to the floor, as well as your age will be taken. You will also provide information like your skill level or handicap as a player. Be honest! No need to feel intimidated as the fitter is there to help you get the proper clubs that will match your unique characteristics and skills. Finally, the fitter will evaluate your striking power by asking what specific club you use to hit a ball a 135 – 150 yards. Other measurements will be taken to identify the club length and flex you need.

2. Flexibility and length

Your gender and height will determine your club length. A longer shaft translates to more force exerted. Finding the proper balance between force and control is crucial.

The thickness of your club’s shafts depends on your flexibility. If you have a high natural striking power, you don’t need to have too much flexibility on your shaft.

3. Lie and loft

Having variations applied to your club’s loft and lie is not highly recommended. Some lie adjustment may help but this can only be done to a limited extent with your wedges and irons. Variations in the lie are best done personally, and adjustment in the loft is really a bad idea because you will risk weakening the shafts. If you really need some adjustments done it is wise if you use a different club.

Custom golf club fitting can do so much for you. What better way to improve your game than having clubs that are created especially for your individual needs! custom baseball socks with logo

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