September 21, 2023

Clearwater Florida is a city located northwest of Tampa and St. Petersburg and lies on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. With a subtropical climate, residents need to have reliable electricity to power cooling systems and other appliances. It is essential that a home’s breaker panel is working properly to distribute the electricity used throughout a house. Our electricians inspect and repair electrical panels for homeowners in the Tampa area on a regular basis.

A breaker panel, also known as an electrical panel, is the hub for all the wiring in your home or business and controls how much electricity flows to outlets and light fixtures. It contains either fuses or circuit breakers to manage the flow of electricity. Fuses are wired in series while circuit breakers are switches that open if too much current is flowing through the system.

If you have a solar energy system installed, it is possible that you will generate more electricity than your household or business uses. With a grid-tied solar system, the extra power generated is sent back to the utility company, which causes your meter to spin backwards and your power bill to go down. This is made possible by a process called “net metering.” If you’re interested in installing solar, check out the 30% federal tax credit, which is still available through 2034. Electrical Panel Clearwater

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