November 29, 2023

About Explosion Proof Actuator UL Class 1 Div 1
A hazardous location is any place where there is a likelihood that an explosion may occur due to the presence of flammable gases, combustible liquid-produced vapors, ignitable dusts or ignitable fibers or flyings. Electrical equipment in these locations must be designed to withstand an internal explosion and keep it from spreading to the outside environment, while also avoiding any ignition sources (sparks or excessive temperatures) from coming into contact with the external atmosphere.

This is accomplished by incorporating an explosion proof motor that can contain internal explosions without rupturing. Additionally, the housing must never become hot enough to ignite combustible materials in the surrounding area, even under overload conditions. Typically, the Class/division system in North America or ATEX/IECEx in Europe/International defines a motor as being classified as “explosion proof” and designates its minimum surface temperature rating, as well as any explosion protection methods it is certified for use in either Division or Zone installations.

With the emergence of newer and more advanced gaseous fire suppression systems, actuators for these types of devices are required to meet a wide variety of safety certifications. The new hazardous location actuator combines integrated installation supervision technology to meet UL and NFPA requirements, along with a force output that can be matched to the operating pressure of any given system. This unique design greatly reduces the number of potential leak points, enhancing overall reliability for the entire system. In addition, this actuator uses design features and materials that enable it to withstand highly corrosive environments while still maintaining a proper flame path. Explosion Proof Actuator UL Class 1 Div 1

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