September 21, 2023

Fire pumps are essential for the success of water-based fire suppression systems in commercial buildings and other spaces where hose lines don’t reach. They increase water flow rates and distribute the pressurized water that’s needed to control a fire, protecting people and property from harm until the fire safety team arrives on the scene.

In the fire service, pumping equipment must meet a number of criteria and be capable of delivering high-pressure water in harsh conditions. This includes being lightweight and compact to allow for easy transport on the truck or in a bucket, while also meeting firefighting regulations regarding noise levels and exhaust emissions. In addition, the fire pump should be durable enough to withstand rigorous use in the field and be easily maintained by fire department personnel.

All of the fire pumps for sale at Feld Fire are designed to meet these requirements. They are available with both petrol and diesel engines, and they deliver exceptional power-to-weight ratios for superior performance on the fire ground. In addition, our range of fire fighting pumps has a large selection of engine sizes to suit your needs.

We offer a complete range of portable fire pump with a variety of pressure and volume combinations. All of our products are manufactured using advanced materials and a high level of craftsmanship to create robust, reliable firefighting tools that can be used in all types of wildland firefighting applications. We’re proud to offer the most trusted and respected fire pump brands in the industry, including Hale high-pressure fire pumps.

Small to medium volume/medium pressure

These pumps supply 60 gpm at 90 psi net pump pressure through a 2 1/2-inch discharge and suction inlet or up to 250 feet of 1 3/4-inch line with 60 gpm fog nozzles. The small to medium size and weight of these units make them ideal for refilling booster tanks on apparatus and for quick use in structural fires.

Lightweight category

These fire pumps are very lightweight and compact, making them ideal for wild land, hunting camp, cottage protection, and other uses where weight and low maintenance are important. They are powered by a single-stage impeller drive that provides a high degree of reliability while reducing complexity and the need for routine maintenance.

As a manufacturer, we strive to provide the highest-quality fire pumps on the market. Our patented Hale fire pumps feature a forged crankshaft that’s hard-anodized for durability and strength. We also use bronze wear-rings and replaceable mechanical seals to reduce maintenance costs and downtime. Our design allows for a single high-speed impeller to deliver the high pressure that you need, while still offering a lower total cost of ownership than other competing fire pumps. All of our products are tested on a monthly and annual basis to ensure they perform as designed in a variety of situations.

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