December 6, 2023

If you are a serious athlete looking to maximize your performance, we can help. Our team of nutrition specialists can match you with a sports nutritionist that will consider your health, goals, personal preferences and more to find the best fit for you.

A sports nutritionist focuses on optimizing your nutrition to improve athletic performance and promote healthy body composition. They will educate you on pre- and post-workout nutrition, optimal macronutrient distribution, nutrient timing and hydration strategies to fuel your workouts and promote recovery. By fine-tuning your diet you will be able to build lean muscle mass and reduce body fat to improve performance, avoid early fatigue, and minimize risk of injury.

During exercise sessions longer than 1 hour, carbohydrate supplements can help sustain energy levels. These concentrated forms of carbohydrates usually provide 25 g of carbs per serving and may include add-ins such as caffeine or vitamins. Many athletes will also consume sports drinks to maintain hydration during exercise.

As a registered dietitian and certified specialist in sports dietetics, Amy has experience helping clients make lasting changes to their eating habits to improve overall health and athletic performance. She specializes in helping individuals overcome the obstacles to achieving their nutritional goals, such as eating disorders and other health conditions.

Lindsey is a sport dietitian who is passionate about helping clients fuel their bodies for optimal athletic performance. She has worked with high school, collegiate, and amateur athletes of all ages and abilities to achieve their athletic performance goals using the latest scientific research. She is currently the team dietitian for Empire Elite Track Club, a high-level group of athletes aiming to qualify for the Olympic trials. sports nutrition near me

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