December 6, 2023

Floating pump is a perfect choice for draining flooded homes or basements, flood control, aquaculture farms, agriculture, irrigation, and other water-related applications. It is designed with lightweight and high resistance materials with low cost and simple maintenance in mind. It is available in various sizes and engines to meet a wide range of pumping needs. It can also be easily transported by car to the site of operation.

Traditional land-based pumps are often limited by their maximum suction lift (NPSH) which is dependent on how deep they are submerged. NPSH changes over time as the pond rises or falls which can require capital intensive civil work to maintain a constant height. In addition, changing pond levels can cause cavitation damage to the pump. By contrast, our pontoon-mounted pumps eliminate these limitations by simply rising or falling with the pond – eliminating the need for costly civil works, reducing the number of hours in which the pump is interrupted, and avoiding cavitation damage.

Our pump floats are manufactured in high-density polyethylene and are engineered to be long lasting, durable, and lightweight. They can be equipped with an optional fuel tank to extend the runtime of your pumping station. In addition, our modular float systems are easily reconfigured as your needs change or as the pond level rises and falls – ensuring that you always have the right pumping capacity for your application. Our Multiflo pontoons are also designed to be able to be coupled with a variety of access options, including floating and pivoting walkways. This versatility helps to ensure safe and convenient inspection and maintenance of the pond and pumping station.

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