September 28, 2023

In tennis betting, making accurate predictions is key to long term profitability. Here are four tips to help you make the most of your tennis predicts:

Observe the players correctly

As with all sports betting, knowing the game and the players is crucial when placing tennis predictions. It is important to know how the players play, what their style is and where their strength lies. Understanding the players’ source of motivation will also prove helpful, as it can affect their performances. A player on a hot streak may not be as motivated as one who is struggling and in need of a win.

Study their level

When making a tennis prediction, it is important to understand the relative levels of the two players. An amateur, for example, is unlikely to beat a professional even on a good day. This is why you should study the current ranking of a player to see how they rank in relation to their peers. It can help you to unearth some undervalued bets.

Take into account the playing surface

The type of court a match is played on will also influence the outcome. For instance, a hard court bounces low and keeps rallies short, while a clay court slows the ball down, allowing for more lengthy rallies. Knowing the court type will help you place more reliable tennis predictions.

Pay attention to break point conversion rates

When analyzing a player’s performance, look at how well they convert their chances of winning a break point. This can give you insight into how much of an advantage they have over their opponents. If a player is having a great tournament, but they aren’t converting their breaks at a normal rate, it might be time to fade them.

Use head-to-head history

Head-to-head results can provide valuable insights into how a player performs against specific opponents. The fact that you can review past matches in-play makes it even easier to analyze head-to-head data. The best part is that you can get these statistics at any time of the year and for any tournament.

Understand the importance of play style

Tennis is a one-on-one sport, so playing styles are far more critical to matchups than rankings or recent form. For example, if a player is known for winning a lot of points on their first serve, and they are facing an opponent who struggles to return those first serves, you can consider placing an over bet.

Consider the weather

The weather will have a major impact on the quality of a match, so be sure to check the weather report before betting. A rainy forecast will put a damper on the action and make it more difficult for players to execute their game plans. Additionally, a damp court will slow the ball down, which can make it harder for players to hit powerful groundstrokes. Ultimately, this can lead to less entertaining matches and lower overall profits for the bettor. tennis predicts

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