September 21, 2023

Holistic medicine is an approach to health care that encompasses the psychological, familial, societal, and spiritual dimensions of health and illness. It emphasizes the uniqueness of each patient, the mutuality of the doctor-patient relationship, and each person’s responsibility for their own health. It also addresses the need for a healthy environment and society. There are many different types of holistic treatments, but all holistic practices share a few common components.

The Body Mind Connection

The human body has a very powerful connection with the mind and emotions. Holistic doctors recognize this and help patients learn how to better manage stress, eat healthier, sleep better, and exercise in order to improve their physical health.

When the mental and emotional aspects of a patient’s life are in balance, the body is much more likely to heal itself. Holistic healing can reduce or eliminate the need for medication and surgery by treating the root cause of the problem.

Modern Holistic Health

The practice of holistic medicine is evolving into a new paradigm. It utilizes all the best of conventional and alternative therapies to uncover the underlying causes of chronic disease, autoimmune disorders, hormone and metabolic based diseases, and mental health issues. It helps restore the body to its natural state of health, vitality and optimization.

West Holistic Medicine

The practitioners at this integrative functional medical practice believe in the power of nature, the body’s ability to heal itself, and the importance of a strong doctor-patient relationship. They take the time to review a patient’s entire medical history before developing a personalized treatment plan for them. This enables them to choose the best healing tools and ensure that their patients are receiving effective treatment.

As a low-volume clinic, they are able to spend more time with each of their patients and develop a symbiotic relationship. They believe in teaching by example and encourage their patients to make healthy lifestyle changes. They are often able to help their patients resolve their symptoms quickly and effectively without the need for prescription medications or surgical procedures.

In addition to traditional medicine, they incorporate herbal remedies and dietary supplements into their patient’s health regimens. These herbs and supplements are designed to support the immune system, promote balanced hormone levels, and help improve biological functions throughout the body. They can also help to alleviate pain, boost energy, and even aid in weight loss. They can be used alone or in conjunction with other holistic treatments to achieve optimal results. To learn more about their holistic healing services, visit their website or contact them to schedule an appointment today. holistic medicine austin

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