March 3, 2024

From art deco to floral to tropical themes, hotel decor wallpaper is an affordable and effective way for hotels and hostels to refresh their rooms. From the moment guests check into a room or suite, patterned wallpaper can create an eye-catching focal point that evokes a sense of adventure and relaxation. Hotel wallpaper is also easy to clean, which means smudges and stains can be wiped away quickly without much fuss or muss. For a more durable option, vinyl wallpaper is often used in areas that are frequently used or high traffic, such as the lobbies and hallways.

For upmarket and luxury hotels, an earthy beige or muted grey wallpaper is a popular choice for walls as it offers a warm and welcoming feeling to guests and creates a sophisticated and serene mood. The darker shades of grey are also ideal for creating contrast and drawing the eye to other design elements, such as luxurious materials or bespoke furniture pieces.

A hotel is a unique environment and the décor should reflect this. Many hotels are influenced by their natural landscape and therefore feature a wallpaper theme that reflects the surrounding scenery. This includes beach hotels, mountain hotels and rural or countryside hotel themes. A holiday hotel is designed to provide rest and rejuvenation from a busy lifestyle and should be decorated in relaxing and tranquil colours, patterns and textures. A sanatorium, health resort or wellness clinic, on the other hand, is a medical institution with the goal of physical well-being and convalescence. These types of hotels should be decorated in health-promoting colours and themes, such as plants and flowers.

Using an unusual or eye-catching wallpaper is a great way to make a hotel stand out from the competition and encourage guests to share their experiences on social media. In addition, the right wallpaper can help to increase footfall and draw new visitors into the establishment.

Intelligent wall decor that works with illusion and emotion is a key factor in making a hotel stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a wavy wall that looks like ocean waves or a bedroom with a view of a rainforest, an intriguing wallpaper can attract attention and get people talking about the hotel.

For smaller hotels and hostels on a budget, wallpaper is an affordable and convenient way to refresh rooms and hallways. Unlike painted walls, which require regular touch-ups and cleaning, wallpaper can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth. It is essential that the correct wallcovering is chosen for each area and that it meets industry safety standards. For example, for guestrooms and bathrooms, opt for a Class A fire-rated wallpaper.

Banana leaf wallpaper may sound unsexy and reminiscent of grandmother’s powder rooms, but long before millennials splattered the print on their living rooms, the Martinique wallpaper from CW Stockwell made its debut at a swanky Beverly Hills hotel. A relaunch has added fresh colorways to this maverick of a pattern, and the original banana leaf print will be remembered as an iconic part of 20th century hotel decor. papier peint déco hotel

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