November 29, 2023

Creating vibrant voiceovers to bring your video to life is easier than you might think. A little bit of preparation, the right tools, and a good sounding space will make all the difference.

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A voiceover is a audio track that is played over a video’s main soundtrack to add commentary or provide additional information. It is commonly used in film, documentary, television, radio, commercials, and how-to videos. A quality voiceover is clear and audible, with consistent pacing and appropriate tone. It should also avoid filler words such as “uhm” or “ahh.”

When recording your voiceover, take the time to warm up by reading through the script several times before starting. This will help you get the right volume, projection, and pacing for the piece. Be prepared to record a few takes until you are happy with the result. This is normal, and even professionals require a few attempts to get it right.

Listen to the playback of your voiceovers with headphones and note any errors, long silences, strange sounds or speaking errors, or if the tone or tempo changes between takes. Use your video editor to remove these imperfections and create a clean, polished audio file that lines up seamlessly with the action on screen. Using a feature such as Descript’s volume automation can make this step even easier, as you can use keyframes to set the desired amount of volume for each clip, eliminating the need to manually adjust the levels. How to do do voiceovers

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