November 29, 2023

A channel’s subscriber count is one of the key ingredients to YouTube success. Reaching 1,000 subscribers is one of the minimum requirements to join YouTube’s Partner Program, allowing creators to earn money from ads displayed on their videos. The number of YouTube subscribers also affects how prominently a creator’s videos are shown in search results and on their homepages.

When you subscribe to a YouTube channel, you automatically follow the content creator and receive notifications when they post new videos. This is a huge benefit to viewers as it provides an easy way to keep up with their favorite content creators. In addition, YouTube takes into account a subscriber’s viewing habits and moves the video suggestions of channels that are regularly watched toward the top of their subscription feed.

Subscriptions are 100% free on YouTube, though some channels have a subscription fee that’s a fixed monthly rate. This allows them to create content without having to worry about the cost of producing it and attract a larger audience that is willing to support their work.

If you aren’t enjoying the content of a YouTube creator, or you want to pare down your subscription list, it is easy to unsubscribe. Log in to YouTube’s website or app, click the profile icon at the top-right corner of the screen and select “Subscriptions.” A list of your current subscribers will be displayed. You may not be able to view all of your recent subscribers, as some choose to subscribe privately or YouTube has determined the accounts are spam or violating their community guidelines. youtube subscribers

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