December 5, 2023

Jeeter Pre Roll is a fusion of premium cannabis flower and kief to create the best tasting and highest-potency joints available. Featuring 3 distinct kinds of joints–the 1g Jeeter, the 2g Jeeter XL, and the 5-pack minis–Jeeter has something for everyone.

Baby Jeeter Infused Joints

For those on the go, or for when you don’t have time to smoke a full-sized joint, Baby Jeeter Infused Joints are the perfect way to get your fix. Each jar comes with 5 mini pre-rolls at 0.5g each, totaling 2.5g of premium flower for a quick and discreet smoking experience.

These infused joints are made with high-quality indoor cannabis flower that’s never shaken. The weed is then infused with cannabis oil and rolled in kief to evenly cover the entire joint from end to tip. The kief provides a more intense high while the distillate and terpenes add flavor.

Juice Vape Cartridges

For a more sophisticated take on the traditional joint, Jeeter offers a variety of infused juice cartridges. Each of these 1.0 gram vape cartridges contains broad-spectrum cannabis oil and terpenes from the Jeeter family’s very own strains. These vape cartridges are available in a few popular Jeeter varieties including Super Lemon Haze and Gelato.

Infused Joints & Liquid Diamonds

To maximize the potency of each of these Jeeter joints, the weed is infused with pure cannabis oil and melted THCA diamonds to give it an extra boost of THC. The resulting product has a THC content of 35% or more, with most of the line coming in a 1.0 gram portion to make it easier to consume.

The company’s XL line is another popular option for those looking for an infused bud with even more kick. The 2g artisan pre-roll tube is wrapped in a premium hemp blunt wrap with a glass tip for a smooth smoke. The glass tip is also a good way to keep the bud from burning too fast as well, especially with a lighter.

Infused Joints / Liquid Diamonds

These high-potency Jeeter joints and liquid cartridges are made with premium indoor cannabis flower that is never shaken. The weed is then dusted with kief to enhance the flavor and increase the THC content. The kief adds an intense flavor and a more potent high while the terpenes add a pleasant aroma to each joint.

A wide variety of flavors and high THC content are available in these infused joints and liquid cartridges, from classic Grapefruit Romulan to the Blue Zkittlez. All are handcrafted and designed to be long-lasting and a pleasure to smoke.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s something for you at Tree Factory! The Jeeter family prides themselves on delivering quality products that taste like what they promise. The best way to discover which strains are right for you is to ask a budtender at your local dispensary.

The infused joints and distillate cartridges are made with a clean, high-potency cannabis distillate with rich botanical terpenes for an exquisite and flavorful smoking experience. The resulting products are available in a wide range of varying flavors, including a few on sale at Emjay. baked bar

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