November 29, 2023

Light codes are energy patterns that emit from everything in existence. They carry encoded healing energy, thoughts, new higher dimensions & imprinted emotions. They can be perceived in many ways, including words, numbers, geometric shapes & symbols. Light Language can be perceived through the mind’s eye & may look like an alphabet or numbers, hand gestures, body movements, art or drawn symbols, etc. It is a universal language that connects us to Source.

Lightworkers & starseeds hold the key to unlocking light codes within our etheric bodies, as we are the pioneers of the New Age and can open our receptive channels to allow the Cosmic Ray to move through and anchor the code in the earth. As a result, we can begin to receive the benefits of ascension which include greater health, wealth, love, compassion, tranquillity & passion in our lives.

Unlocking light codes is a process of self-reflection & letting go. The most effective way to activate the codes is through intentional incitement & meditation. This can be done alone or with the support of a coach or mentor. Practicing mindfulness & engaging in activities that promote relaxation & self-care are also essential for creating the conditions for deep connection and receptivity.

The best practice is to meditate on one code at a time for at least a week, to give the information and energies within the code the opportunity to integrate into your spiritual body. Keep in mind that the meanings of light codes are mutable, and may not always make sense to your rational mind. They can be received as tones, words, visions or feelings & are only understood on an intuitive level.

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