December 6, 2023

MMA sparring gloves are designed to allow fighters to practice their striking, submission, and clinch techniques. They have a padded exterior to protect the hands and prevent injuries. The padded gloves are also meant to distribute the impact of heavy punches and collisions to reduce hand injury and pain. They can be worn in competitions or during training sessions with a partner. The best mma sparring gloves are made from genuine leather and have enough padding to absorb the force of a blow. The glove should not be too loose or tight, otherwise it may cause injury to the hands and wrists.

RDX is one of the most popular fight gear brands in the UK, and they offer a good range of MMA gloves. These are ideal for a beginner or intermediate level fighter and feature open palm design. This helps with grip and flexibility for grappling. The gloves are also light and well suited for clinch work. However, the gloves do have a few protruding edges that can catch on people during crazy exchanges on the ground or the heavy bag.

RevGear Premier are an excellent pair of MMA sparring gloves for beginners. They are made from durable cowhide leather and feature breathable pinholes to help keep the hands cool. The breathable fabric improves hygiene and moisture management during workouts. The high quality Velcro strap goes around the wrist twice to ensure maximum support for the wrists during sparring sessions. The equal weighted foam padding distribution allows fighters to clinch, grapple, and throw strikes with confidence. Gants mma sparring

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