November 29, 2023

Having kids makes life busy and hectic, especially when your kids’ unreliable babysitter does not show up on time, has to cancel (again!), or is unavailable. Regardless of the sitter’s reason for untimeliness or cancellation, your stress level rises; you can’t even think about traveling to your destination until you find a sitter willing to take your kids off your hands for a few hours. You may work on an on-call basis and struggle to find good sitters in a pinch; or your regular sitter, a high school student, may not be able to sit your infant during day-time hours. Occasionally, you might just want to enjoy a date night with your spouse. Regardless of the reason, you have found yourself in a pinch. You mentally scroll through your list of potential care-takers and determine that you have called everyone. Although totally unrealistic, you are beginning to hope a qualified babysitter materializes on your doorstep.

Because finding a child care worker in your time of need can be incredibly difficult, using online child care services is an option you may not have yet considered. If you are really in a hurry, some of these services allow you to send a message to all potential area care-givers listed on the site. This option is best if you need to find someone quickly.

If you have more time, you should consider browsing online child care services. These services allow potential care-givers to post their profiles, which can include their photo, their credentials, their rate for the service(s) they provide, their weekly availability, and their willingness to be on-call. You can even access how far a potential sitter is willing to travel.

Most importantly, some of these online services allow you access to free background checks and references for potential care-givers. Through these services, you will have the opportunity to gauge sitters’ reliability and dependability so that you can determine the best person to hire.

As a member of one of these sites, you also have the option to post a job for potential sitters. Instead of looking through profiles to find a sitter who meets your child care needs, you can post a job in hopes of a sitter finding you.

As another option, you can barter your services: someone will take your job, and you will take their job. Your needs will be taken care of, and your finances won’t be strained. home care assistance montreal

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