December 6, 2023

ביטוח לאומי אזור אישי, in a broad sense, may refer to any system established by law to maintain income when other sources of income are disrupted. Examples include sickness, disability, unemployment, crop failure, loss of a spouse, or family responsibilities such as child care and funeral expenses.

Most versions of the balanced budget amendment require 60 percent majorities in both Houses to pass a budget that contains federal outlays greater than total receipts. This requirement makes privatization unlikely.

My Social Security

The Social Security administration has an online portal called my Social Security that provides personalized tools for everyone, regardless of whether you receive benefits. It is free to use and allows you to check your benefits status, change your address, verify your earnings, get an estimate of future benefits, request a replacement card, and more. The site also has tools to help you avoid fraud and scams.

When you create a my Social Security account, you will need to provide basic personal information such as your name, date of birth and current address, along with answers to some questions that only you would know (for security purposes). Then you will have the option of choosing how you want SSA to verify that it really is you when you use the account. This could include two-factor authentication, where SSA sends you a code by text or phone call, or other methods.

Before 2011, Social Security numbers were not random streams of digits; they began with the area number that corresponded to the region where you applied for your card, and then were prenumbered by SSA offices around the country before being issued. This was changed in 1973, when SSA switched to randomly assigning SSNs and centrally issuing cards from Baltimore. This change eliminated the importance of the last group number and, since then, SSA has not published the high group list.

SSI/SSDI Online Applications

SSI (Supplemental Security Income) is a needs-based program that pays benefits to people who have little or no income and who are blind, disabled or over age 65. SSI benefits may also be paid to certain family members of an eligible worker. The value of all countable resources must be below the SSI resource limit (which excludes many things you own, such as property, investments and bank accounts) to qualify for SSI.

People apply for SSI online, by phone or in person. The application requires information about your health and disability, your living situation and the things you own. Each month you must report any changes in your income, living situation or the things you own. You must also report any new medical or mental health records you have received.

To determine whether you are disabled, SSA examiners consider your abilities and limitations to do work. They use the information you provide in your SSI application, your medical records and other evidence to make a decision about whether or not you are disabled. It can take months for SSA to process an SSI application. During this time, the W-2 Agency should review, monitor and document the progress of the SSI application as well as the participant’s assigned activities in CARES and WWP. If an SSI application is denied, the FEP should support the participant through the appeals process.

SSI/SSDI Letters

The Social Security Administration (SSA) sends several types of letters to workers, including no-match letters and SSI award letters. The no-match letter tells the worker that SSA’s records do not match their employer’s and that it may result in missing or incorrect earnings, which can affect future retirement and disability benefits administered by SSA.

The SSI award letter lists the monthly benefit amount you are eligible to receive under current SSI rules. The SSA takes into account your average indexed monthly earnings and adds in certain deductions to calculate the amount. This information is gathered over a 35-year period and adjusted for inflation.

If you’re a disabled individual, you will receive a supplemental social security disability insurance (SSSDI) check to help meet your basic needs. The SSA also offers Medicare to assist you with medical expenses.

An SSI/SSDI award letter is typically issued within 30 to 90 days after an application has been approved. If an SSI/SSDI award letter does not include all the information needed for you to receive your benefit, you can appeal this decision by filing an online or in-person request for reconsideration.

An OES evaluation found that a carefully designed letter can quadruple awards for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The new working paper provides details on the impact of the letter and describes how it worked to increase take-up rates for older adults.


SSI is a cash assistance program for low-income people over age 65, blind, or disabled. It is funded by the federal government through general U.S. Treasury revenue, and administered by SSA. There are no work requirements to qualify for SSI. To be eligible for SSI, an individual must meet both financial (income and asset) and medical criteria. The amount of a monthly SSI payment depends on the individual’s situation, and in most cases, is reduced by any other countable income. In addition, many States supplement SSI payments.

In some cases, a person may receive SSDI and SSI checks at the same time. This happens when an individual’s SSDI check is lower than the full SSI Federal Benefit Rate of $914 in 2023 ($1,371 for couples). This could be because they earned low wages throughout their employment history or because of limited recent work. If so, SSA will add a small SSI check to bring their total monthly income up to the SSI FBR.

SSI and SSDI recipients often receive their payments via direct deposit to their bank account or by mail in the form of a paper check. However, they can also instantly obtain their SSA letters online using a my Social Security account by providing basic personal information and answering some simple questions that only they would know (for security purposes). Learn more about obtaining your SSA letter from a my Social Security account in this DB101 article.

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