December 6, 2023

Silver Judaica genuinely offers something unique for everyone, and the businesses that sell these items make a concerted effort to maintain low pricing and guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for silver candlesticks, mezuzah cases or Hanukkah lamps, these companies will provide you with an impressive array of choices that you will have no trouble selecting the ideal item to adorn your home or give as a gift.

When it comes to judaica, the best pieces are made from sterling silver, which is a metal that signifies ethical innocence and sanctity. It’s no wonder that these items are so sought after and found in traditional and virtual establishments. Silver is an attractive color that stands out, and it’s also a durable material that can withstand the test of time.

Some silversmiths, such as Sue Amendolara, an associate professor at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, prefer to create secular objects, but she also appreciates the challenge of creating a spiritual work for a religious purpose. Her Palmetto Spice Box, which she submitted to this exhibition, marks her first attempt to craft a piece that has an underlying meaning.

Many silversmiths find that working with Judaica helps to rejuvenate their artistic spirit. Kurt Matzdorf, a silversmith from New Paltz, New York, spends half his time producing Judaica and the other half creating secular works of art. He says he likes to work in a contemporary style, making objects that are “of today,” but that are still rooted in tradition. silver judaica

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