November 29, 2023
tales of arise owl locations

tales of arise owl locations

Are you trying to find all the Dahnan owl locations in Tales of Arise? These feathered friends are very generous, so it should come as no surprise. You’ll see them all over Tales of Arise, handing out all kinds of fashion accessories for your characters. To ensure you haven’t missed out on any bird spots, check below if you’re going for a 100% completion or want the best-dressed party on Dhana.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on any bird spots, I’ve got a list to make sure you don’t miss anything if you’re going for a complete completion or just want the best-dressed party on Dhana. You can use this handy list to ensure you don’t miss out on a furry tailor a pair of fun glasses in Tales of Arise.

What You Need to Know About Arise Owls

Owls are scattered throughout Tales of Arise. You can find some of them much later in the game. They can both be found outdoors and indoors. A total of 38 owls are found in the game. Hootle, Rinwell’s pet owl, alerts you to nearby owls once she joins the party very early in the game, so it’s much easier to locate them. As you enter an area where an owl is present, Hootle will appear. When you get close to the owl, the Hootle will appear again.As you get closer to an owl, you can also hear it hooting. To locate them, you can follow the direction of their hoots.

Tales of Arise Owl Rewards

Whenever you find an owl in Tales of Arise, you’ll receive a special ‘attachment’ – a cosmetic accessory that can be equipped to any character through the outfits menu. As you progress through the game, owls will reward you with Artifacts instead – items that improve gameplay.

During the course of the game, you’ll encounter a place called the Owl Forest. You can’t miss it because it’s a central part of the story.

Once you find a certain number of owls, you’ll need to head to the Owl Forest. Rinwell will mention new rewards waiting for you when you return to the forest. These rewards are usually cosmetic items for your characters.You can unlock these outfits by returning to the forest:

All Tales of Arise Owl Locations by Region

Owl 1

You can see this owl just before arriving in Ulzebek for the first time. It is perched atop a ridge in a small, gnarled tree at the north end of Sandinus Ravine.

Owl 2

It is a sign that you have come to Ulzebek, a city built on the riverbank, where the river meets the sea. The owl hoots away on the roof of the house that serves as your base of operations when you arrive in Ulzebek before you see it. It is wearing rabbit ears as it hangs on a laundry line. You are on a mission to find a certain object, and you hope to find it quickly before your enemies do. You do not know what they will do when they find it, but you know that it must be returned to the people who created it, so they can use it to destroy the evil that has taken over the world.

Owl 3

You can easily miss this owl unless you thoroughly explore the Iglia Wastes. The owl is located in a tree on the upper level of the southwest portion of the area, where you must climb a set of vines to get there.

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