September 21, 2023

With a billi tap you can enjoy fresh, chilled or boiling filtered water at the touch of a lever. Billi systems are energy efficient, using less power than a kettle. They also use premium filters that deliver a superior water quality and taste. With many models offering the choice of boiling, chilled or ambient filtered water, you can find the ideal solution for your home or office.

Billi filtration systems are designed for Australian homes and the way we live. Using space saving underbench technology, they can be installed in a cupboard and require only one power feed to operate. Unlike traditional hot water systems, they have no cupboard ventilation and don’t need a dedicated cold water line. They are also small and compact, making them a perfect solution for tight spaces or awkward areas.

A Billi system can help reduce the time your staff spend standing around waiting for the kettle to boil, increasing productivity and efficiency. It can also free up workspace, reducing clutter and making your workplace more welcoming and open. Plus, the energy-efficient design of a Billi system makes it an environmentally friendly choice for your business.

When choosing a Billi tap price, it’s important to consider how you intend on utilising your new system and how much storage capacity you will need. There are many Billi tap models to choose from, including ones that offer a combination of boiling, chilled and sparkling drinking water. You can also purchase a range of optional features, such as drain front kits, which will have an impact on the final billi tap cost.

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