December 6, 2023

Front end development is a specialized form of web design that combines graphic and interface designs with the related coding tools to create websites that are attractive, functional and engaging. To help these developers hone their skills, there are a number of tools that have become popular amongst this community.

A common tool that front end developers use to create their website’s layout is a graphics editing program, which allows them to sketch out the design of an interface and test it before writing any code. Depending on the size and scope of the project, these designers can also use more advanced graphics programs to create prototypes and mockups for the interface.

Another important tool that front end developers use is a code editor. This is a software program that allows them to write the actual code that will create a website. There are a number of different code editors on the market, and developers typically choose one that works best with their coding style and preferences.

As a part of their job, front end developers also use web frameworks to build UIs and applications for websites. These are basically a set of guidelines that give developers ready-made code to work with and help them develop faster. Some of the most popular web frameworks for frontend development are React, Vue, and Angular.

Angular is a transcript-based framework that allows developers to synchronize their views and models, allowing changes in the model to reflect in the view and vice versa. It is similar to React, but it is more robust and provides better performance.

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