December 6, 2023

Whether via email, telephone or video conferencing software, online nutritionists provide clients with a flexible and convenient way to receive tailored, professional nutritional support. In some cases, these services are available for a lower cost than face-to-face nutrition counseling sessions and allow clients to check-in on their progress at times that best fit their schedules.

While it’s great to see so many people becoming interested in their health and wellness, it can be tiring seeing so much inaccurate nutrition advice thrown around. It may seem harmless for individuals to dispense their own views on food and recipes, but when someone with no training or qualifications is advising others, it can be downright dangerous. For example, if an individual takes insulin and is told to remove all carbohydrates from their diet in favour of a ketogenic plan without consulting their doctor first, they could experience life-threatening complications.

In Australia, it’s a similar story, with popular online nutrition content often contradicting public health goals and deviating from the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating (AGHE). This information can cause confusion and increase consumer scepticism towards dietary advice. It is therefore imperative that health promotion organisations take a proactive approach to popular online nutrition platforms, in partnership with social marketing experts, to promote evidence-based dietary guidance.

Our top pick for Nutrition advice online is OnPoint nutrition, which offers a range of different one-on-one virtual nutrition coaching packages. Its comprehensive virtual platform hosts multiple user-friendly features and tools, including a custom smartphone app with tracking, direct messaging with your nutritionist that you can access 24/7, food guides, shopping lists, educational materials, recipes, and more. Kostrådgivning online

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