November 29, 2023

Adding video editing features to your application accelerates development cycles and keeps users engaged. Whether you’re building social media clones, streamlining marketing campaign creation, upgrading cloud storage editing tools, or boosting your brand performance with user-generated content, Video Editing SDK can help you get there faster!

Build a powerful video editor with a suite of intuitive video processing capabilities. Clip, resize, merge, rotate, and split videos to create engaging content with stunning results.

Choose from preset dazzling effects and filters to create an atmosphere or mood, customize your own with brightness, exposure, and saturation adjustment, and apply music and narration for a rich video experience.

Create an immersive video collage with clips from multiple sources or add them into a single video using frames and overlays. Overlay text to videos, and apply modern lettering designs with flexible brush options. Over 60 filters covering all state-of-the-art technologies let users create the most captivating and memorable videos.

Speed up your social media app development or increase engagement in a released app with a video editor that lets users record short clips and share them instantly. Foodies, fitness enthusiasts, tabletop gamers and car fans can show off their hobbies with fun augmented reality filters to apply after recording or during live broadcasting.

Customize the UI to match your app’s look and feel for a seamless experience that drives adoption, engagement, and conversions. Powerful visual effects and easy to use video processing features jumpstart user creativity while enforcing brand consistency across the entire platform.

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