September 21, 2023

Diamond burs are a popular tool among dentists due to their ability to offer precision cutting in procedures such as crown removal and fitting. However, it is important to know that not all dental diamond burs are the same. OSUNG USA offers high-quality diamond burs that come in different shapes, sizes and grits to accommodate any clinical indication. In addition, the company’s diamond tools are available as single-use or multi-use products, so dentists can choose which option best suits their practice’s needs.

A diamond bur is an instrument used for cutting, grinding, shaping, texturing and engraving in hard materials such as semiprecious stones, glass, ceramic, jade, metals and wood. A diamond bur is made of a surgical stainless steel body that is coated with tiny diamond particles that are either sintered or layered onto the shank. This allows for the creation of a diamond surface that is very sharp and durable.

Each type of diamond bur has a specific grit size that determines the procedure it can be used for. A general grit is black (super course), then green (coarse), blue (medium) and red (fine). This helps dentists choose the appropriate diamond bur for the procedure at hand. For example, a general grit would be ideal for shaping or carving teeth while a fine grit might be more suitable for finishing.

Compared to carbide burs, diamond burs are more durable and create less noise, which helps reduce patient discomfort. They also can be used with less pressure, allowing the user to perform intricate work and achieve precise cuts without breaking or chipping the tooth. Additionally, they are less likely to damage the surrounding enamel when performing a cut, which can save both time and money in the long run.

In comparison to conventional carbide burs, diamond burs are also easier to clean and maintain. They are less prone to breakage, which is especially important in a dental environment where multiple instruments may need to be sterilized and cleaned after each use. Additionally, they are more effective at removing enamel and dentin than a standard carbide bur, which is prone to generating heat that can melt the surrounding material.

To clean a diamond bur, it is important to rinse it under running water for at least one minute until it is visibly clean. It is then advisable to place the bur in a non-shedding cloth until it is completely dry. Afterwards, the device can be stored in a clean, dry storage block.

To help with the cleaning process, a stiff steel wire brush can be used to remove any remaining debris from the diamond bur. This will help prevent contamination from re-entering the bur during future uses, and it is recommended to keep a wire brush on hand for routine cleaning. The autoclavable Bur Block is also an excellent choice for storing and keeping your tools clean. It has a swivel top to keep the instruments in place, and it accepts all bur sizes including FG, RA and HP. diamond burrs

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