September 28, 2023

Street wear is a versatile fashion style that can be mixed and matched with any other clothing. This casual and laid back fashion is a favorite of rappers, celebrities, influencers and everyday people who enjoy wearing stylish outfits that are comfortable. This clothing trend originated from New York hip hop culture and Californian surf culture but has branched out to include elements of sportswear, punk, skateboarding, 1980s nostalgia and Japanese street fashion.

The defining feature of street wear is its DIY spirit. Initially inspired by punk, new wave and heavy metal cultures, DIY fashion emphasized self-expression and individuality. It is this same sentiment that continues to define the streetwear style of today. DIY designs and prints are popular on tee shirts, with motifs like pop culture icons, bands, or cities taking center stage. Baggy and loose tees that are printed with text, logos or other graphics can be paired with a pair of skinny jeans for a cool look. A classic pair of Converse sneakers or Nike Air Force 1’s completes the look.

One of the most exciting aspects of this fashion phenomenon is how it has turned the traditional fashion model on its head. Traditionally, trends are dictated by designers and other industry insiders who decide what styles will hit the runway and be sold in stores. But with streetwear’s largely direct-to-consumer model, consumers have become the gatekeepers to the latest trends. Streetwear has democratized fashion, with social media users choosing what is cool and what isn’t based on the brands they follow on Instagram and other platforms.

Our research has shown that when it comes to determining what makes up the best streetwear, consumers place a high value on brand legacy. This was ranked ahead of other factors such as product quality and design. Consumers also place a high value on the influencers they follow in order to stay up-to-date on the latest styles. Musicians were ranked as the most credible sources of style inspiration, followed by industry insiders and then social media influencers.

In a world where streetwear is so closely tied to celebrity culture, it is important for fashion brands to understand how to leverage this connection. As such, collaborating with musicians and other influential personalities can help to elevate brand recognition and increase product sales. This collaboration could be as simple as an influencer wearing a piece of clothing from your collection or as intricate as a high-profile brand co-signing a collaborative collection with a major artist. Whatever the case, leveraging the power of celebrity and music will help fashion brands reach more consumers and build a loyal customer base.

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