September 21, 2023


Credit repair works! It can clean up the errors on your credit report,Yes, Credit Repair Works! Articles improve your credit scores, and help you reach your financial goals. This does not mean that credit repair is a quick overnight fix. The task may indeed yield some speedy results, but other aspects of the job may require time. An intelligent approach to credit repair will require an application of the laws that govern each contributor to the reporting process, a technical grasp of Fair Isaac’s scoring platform, and some good old fashioned financial common sense. Here are some of the indispensable steps that must be taken to reach your goal.

Understand the Problem

Credit repair serves an important purpose. Many people are not aware of the extent of the errors that are inherent in the credit reporting system. Over three-quarters of all credit reports contain errors of some type. Some of the errors are fairly benign, but many are capable of causing the victim to pay higher interest rates or even to be denied for financing. If you examine the problem you will discover that these errors are systemic, expected, and even tolerated. If you don’t look out for yourself no one else will.

Examine Your Credit Reports

Get copies of all three of your credit reports, or a good tri-merged report, and plan to sit down to an hour of careful proofreading. The quality of your credit has never been so important. It is fair to say that every point counts, so you will need to examine every single line of your report if you want credit repair success. Obvious derogatory items will be easy to spot, but you should also look for the more subtle problems like underreported credit card limits, duplicate accounts – even good ones, and closed and paid accounts that still report a balance.

Dispute Your Errors

Once you have completed the proofreading stage of your credit repair project it’s time to do something about the errors you have found. Your errors should be disputed in writing and in the most clear and simple way that you can. Dispute letters should always be right to the point. It will be very helpful to create three file folders, one for each credit bureau and plan on saving copies of each letter that you send. The credit bureaus have 30 days to investigate your dispute and another 5 days to send you a response. If you don’t get a satisfactory result the first time, send another letter. Credit repair can require perseverance. bad credit fixing

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